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The definition of Shinmon MA Karate club

Karate is modern fighting sports and also both Japanese culture and `Budo`. Budo means self-discipline.The most important why we practice karate is getting mental and physical toughness through practicing karate. Karate-man and karate-woman should be good adults.And karate kids should be strong and kind.As karate is fighting sports, and also self-discipline.We feel pain sometimes.When we feel pain or miserable emotion during practicing karate,we don,t get away easily.We should accept our trial directly. We need to have various emotion from practicing karate and have to get something.Getting your something by yourself is most important.We hope you to get something through practicing karate. Learning karate is not only getting punching and kicking technique. Karate is with spirit. We will be able to get patience ,never give up spirit ,brave, and respect if you practice karate seriously. We believe these karate spirit is good for our life. If you want to start karate, you,d better keep on practicing for 3 years at least.If you keep on practicing over 3 years,you would find you can enjoy practicing karate.