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This is karate club in Bangkok that is made by Japanese karate man and started from a few students in Dec.2002.
The mother institution is Karate-do `Shinmonzyuku` that is located in Osaka, Japan.Shinmonzyuku in Japan have a kick boxing class as Osaka shinmon kick boxing gym. The destination of Shinmon MA Karate club is both mental and physical toughness.And our policy for karate is safety first.We are trying to make karate style that everybody can practice regardless of age and gender.Our karate training program is rational and logical.

(1) The first step for beginners and new comers(white and orange belt) The main training program is basic karate technique and basic physical power.
(2) The second step for middle level students(blue and yellow belt) The main training program is traditional technique and practical combination technique
(3) The third step for high level students(green and brown belt) The main training program is free fight. We try to get strengh from free fight.

We practice karate with traditional Japanese spirit that is respect or challenging.We have no regulation if you want to practice with us.If you are interested in our karate club, you can look or join with us easily.


Representative of Shinmon MA Karate club
Koji Yamauchi