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Result of 3rd  Bangkok Jr. Samurai  Fight

16th, Decomber in 2012

1st match:Rika  Koyata (YS  KICK) VS △Hiroki   Yamauch(SHINMON)  <Draw>

1st Round:
2nd  Round:
Extra Round:

2nd  match:  ○Suzuka  Urasawa( YS  KICK)   VS  × Sattawut( SHINMON)   < Lost   >

1st  Round:
2nd  Round:
Extra  Round::

22th, December in 2012

3rd match: ×Chihiro  Yoshitake(YS KICK) VS ○Subaru Kehuhuwasai(SHINMON)  <  Win  >

1st  Round:
2nd  Round:
Extra  Round:

27th, December in 2012

4th match: ○Riichi   Koyata (YS  KICK) VS  ×Rikuta  Ozawa (SHINMON)   <Lost >

5th match:    ○Taiki  Hisatune(YS  KICK) VS ×Haruo   Yamamoto (SHINMON)  <Lost>

*This  competition  was held at  YS  KICK  SPORTS  GYM.

Result  of   1st  Full  Contact  Karate  Competition with  India  karate  Academy(10th, June in 2012)

Group A(Tournament of  8 years old)

Rikuta  Ozawa (3rd place)

Group B(Tournament of  9 -10 years old)

Sattawut( 3rd  place)

Semi Final match:

Specail  One match( 6 years old  boy   vs  10  years old boy) 

Hiiroki  Yamauchi -6 years old  (Good  Fight Reward)