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Training system

(1) Beginners or new comers(from white belt to blue belt) In this class, basic training technique is main. Karate basic training system is good exercise for beginners. If you practice basic technique training continually, your fat will be reduced and get a kind of muscle you need to practice karate. And your brain will work more because you do exercise you have never done.

(2) Middle level class(yellow and green belt) The main training of this class is traditional, practical moving technique and guard attacking technique. We often use sand- bag and mitte.You can get physical power, useful technique to attack sandbag and mitte. And we start light free fight.

(3) High level class(Brown and black belt) As the objective of this class is high level students, we practice harder training to have a real fight. This include kata training, traditional and practical moving training, sandbag and mitte training, and sometimes hard free fight.

This is our karate training system. The policy of our club is the karate club that everybody can practice regardless of age and gender. We practice both traditional training and modern training according to their concerns. When we practice kumite training (free fight training), we don,t have to forget to improve karate technique and spirit. As knocking down opponent is not destination, we don,t practice kumite training with full power. We practice kumite training with 30% of full power. When we practice kumite training, we have to put protects on our legs and knees.To make matter safety, woman students have to put body protect on their bodies and put head guard on their heads.
When high level students (brown and black belt) practice kumite hardly, they have to put full protectors on their legs,body and head. As safety first is the policy of our karate club, everybody can practice karate with reasonable high tension and enjoyable emotion according to their age and gender. Now the age of our karate students is from 4 years old to 63 years old. They come to practice with enjoyable emotion continuously because they understand our policy and agree.